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piano.jpeg An actual student who has learned to play chord piano with Chord Piano Is Fun! He now plays with the worship band at his church and loves it!

With Chord Piano Is Fun! you can learn to play chord piano fast and easily at home.  With this easy method you will be able to play the songs you've always wanted to play, as well as learn how to accompany yourself or others on the piano.


What is "Chord Piano"?


Many people who have taken piano lessons in the past have only learned how to play the written note, and are not able to improvise or create their own music.  Many of these people wish they could sit down and play anything they want to, easily, without having to read each note – like they see others do.  Or, they would love to be able to play along with themselves as they sing, or even accompany others. 


This book will show you how to do that. You will learn to read chord charts fast and easily so that you can play popular, rock, jazz, country, or Christian music.   This is “Chord Piano”.


Once you know chords, and how they go together, not only will you be able to pick something up by ear, but you will even be able to write your own music.  I have taught people this information from age 7 to age 82 and have students as young as 7 years old writing their own songs with the method in this book.



Chord Piano Is Fun! is the perfect book for the person who has played piano in the past, but wonders, "What have I done with my piano?"  (And this doesn't mean that it's hiding somewhere.)  Maybe you walk by your piano every day and wish that you could remember something that you learned when you took piano lessons all those years ago.

OR, this book is for the current piano student, who wants to learn how to play popular music, learn to play by ear, or learn to write music.  It also teaches you how to play the blues and write your own songs.

OR, this book is for the Music Teacher, who is looking for JUST the right book to teach your students how to play chord piano and learn to read lead sheets or chord charts. (CLICK HERE to find out more...)



Here are a few reviews from "Chord Piano Is Fun!"

I have to tell you that I have only made it through three lessons so far and I already feel so successful! This is fantastic!

Danny, Portland, Oregon


Using Chord Piano is Fun helped me to write a song called “A Chance For Hope”.  I never thought I would be able to write a song.  But, with this book it is so easy to understand chords and how to use them to write songs.  I recommend it to you if you are learning piano!


Mallory M., Piano Student, 11 years old



Your book is just fantastic.  It’s so much easier to follow and understand than others I have looked at (and I’ve looked at lots).  My daughter and son have taken piano lessons for 12 years and I regret I did not find your book sooner.  I will be ordering a couple more books from your website soon for them.  I always tried to get their teachers to teach them the Chord Approach to playing without success.  I recognized long ago that they would never become Professional Performers and wanted them to use this system so they could have fun with the piano. I’m trying to get them re-started on piano now even though they are adults and believe your book will do the trick.  It is sure helping me.


Thanks again.

John T., Guyton, Georgia




Chord Piano is Fun really is fun. I took piano lessons when I was a teenager, and again when I was in my forties (I am now in my  eighties), but I am so poorly coordinated I could never get two hands together. Both times I gave up before I really learned to play anything. Now I do a mean rendition of "When the Saints Go Marching In", and other recognizable pieces. This is something I can do so I am grateful for this book and wanted everyone to know!"

Myra, Clear Lake, Texas


As a seasoned piano/vocal teacher, I have been looking for a book to teach a chording method without having to write it myself! This book is exactly what I have been looking for! Chord Piano Is Fun is a fantastic tool.   I have added Chord Piano Is Fun as a mandatory supplement for even my youngest students to the traditional method lesson and theory books. THANK YOU FOR CHORD PIANO IS FUN!

Laura Beasley, Music Teacher, LHB Music, Mandeville, Louisiana



I realised some years ago that many piano students are discouraged by having to concentrate only on classical repertoire, while being unable to play even relatively simple popular songs, jazz standards or music from the shows.   I was brought up with a very traditional, classical approach to piano and piano repertoire which has been an amazing thing by itself but relatively recently I discovered jazz piano and chords and wondered why no one had ever told me about these things.  I’ve seen some amazing results introducing piano chords to some of my pupils. Suddenly they have found a new enthusiam for their piano studies, by being able to play songs they like, both hands together, without a great amount of effort.  While I was introducing piano chords to my students I was very much explaining it all to them in the best way I could think of at the time without any particular method or sequence of learning.   I would select songs from fake books, trying to pick the easiest ones first without too many difficult chords while always wishing I had a book that explained in simple terms how to form the chords while providing some introductory simple melodies to go with them.


"Chord Piano is Fun" by the American jazz musician and teacher T K Goforth may well have been just the book I was looking for.  Her aim is to enable students to understand how music is put together by chords so that they can play from chord symbols, enabling them to learn popular songs with left hand harmony very quickly.    Her book uses the three scales and keys of C, G and F majors as well as their relative minors. She shows simply and efficiently how to form the scales and triads and use them with simple songs such as ‘pop goes the weasel’ and ‘twinkle, twinkle’.  After a methodical learning process through chord families, inversions, slash chords and 7th chords, she finishes with an introduction to the blues and some further resources to enable students to develop further their newly acquired skills.


What I find fascinating is that I, myself didn’t know many of these basic musical ideas after 20 years of piano lessons and a professional classical career.    This book would I think, based on my efforts to teach chords to adults who already have some proficiency in piano playing, be useful for children and adults, beginners and more advanced students who would like to learn the very valuable and enjoyable skill of reading chord symbols.


Miles Lallemant
Founder, The Music Tutors London




Chord Piano is Fun is the perfect resource for those that long to play piano but can’t seem to make sense of all those black dots on the page.  The book will get you quickly creating music at the keyboard through a step-wise and enjoyable understanding of chord construction.   I like how things are broken things down to approachable and achievable bite-sized steps, which is especially good for busy adults.  This is not only a great tool for the pianist but also for songwriters who want to write music at the piano.  This book is very well put together and the kind of resource that I wish existed when I first desired to play piano in my teens.

Marty Nystrom

Songwriter ("As The Deer" and other worship songs) and

Author of "Don't Mess With Moses!"




Don’t you just love it when someone else does all the hard work and puts together a systematic approach to teaching something that is just the way you would do it? Honestly, it’s pretty rare to find something that’s a perfect fit, but T.K. Goforth has done just that with her book, Chord Piano Is Fun!
...The layout of the book is very clean, with lots of helpful images, and some of the most concise explanations I’ve read for various theoretical elements in music. This would be perfect for a student who wants to learn chording skills on their own, or for a teacher who is struggling to know how to introduce scales, chords, key signatures, and playing from a lead sheet to his or her students.

The primary reason that I rarely use theory books with my students is due to a lack of relevance. The written material is divorced from the music that they are playing and it becomes more of a busywork assignment than a real learning tool. A book like Chord Piano Is Fun is a wonderful approach to learning theory because what is being learned is immediately relevant to music and styles that the student wants to learn to play. I am excited to begin using it in my studio!

Natalie Wickham, Music Matters





Who should buy

"Chord Piano Is Fun!"?


  • Those who have taken piano lessons in the past (even just a few months) and don't remember what you learned
  • Those who always wanted to play piano popular music but was never taught how in piano lessons
  • Those who have taken piano lessons in the past and were just bored or frustrated or it didn't make much sense
  • Those who always wanted to pick up a favorite piece of music and just play it
  • Those who have always wanted to be able to play for yourself while you sing or accompany others
  • Those who only know the basics of piano, but still want to play fantastic sounding songs
  • Those who want to learn how to play in a band or worship team
  • Those of you who teach piano and and want to learn how to play "by chord" yourself
  • Those who teach piano and want a great book to use to teach their students to learn to play "by chord" so they can play the popular music they want to play
  • Those who teach piano and want a "niche" you can advertise and give yourself a wait list you wouldn't believe!



This book is for ALL AGES, as long as you know the basics of the piano keyboard.



What will I learn with "Chord Piano Is Fun!"?



With Chord Piano Is Fun, you will:

  • Learn how to make all types of chords, how to practice them and how to put them together to make music.
  • Learn how to write songs.
  • Learn how to play the "blues".
  • Learn music more quickly because you now understand how it is made up.
  • Be able to play anything from a "fake book" or other popular piano book.
  • Know more than most of those who take piano lessons, because this is not learned in method books.




What will I get with "Chord Piano Is Fun!"?


Chord Piano Is Fun also contains five bonus Addendums (now also available separately) which can be used as quick references to all of the information you learn in the book. These in themselves are a fabulous resource for any type of musician.


You will also receive access to the Customer page, which provides you with any new additions or updates to Chord Piano Is Fun.




How much is Chord Piano Is Fun?

Chord Piano Is Fun
is available as an 8-1/2" x 11", 202-page paperback book for USD $19.95, or as an immediate download for USD $17.95.  Click on the buttons below to order!


I hope you decide to try Chord Piano Is Fun.  I think you will find it to be a wonderful resource for a great price.  You can order by clicking the links below.


God bless,


T.K. Goforth




And, YES, the paperback book CAN be shipped INTERNATIONALLY!

Available as an 8-1/2" x 11" PAPERBACK

Available as an IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD which allows you immediate access and is in PDF format. You can work from it from your laptop or iPad or other device or print it up a chapter at a time (or all at once!)



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