Learn "Chord Piano!"

A fun and easy Piano Method to play the way you've always wanted!

What is "chord piano?"

Many people who have taken piano lessons in the past have only learned how to play the written note.  They are not able to improvise or create their own music.

Many of these people wish they could play anything they want, easily, without having to read each note.  Or, they would love to be able to play along with themselves as they sing, or even accompany others. 

BUT...they don't know how.

The Chord Piano Is Fun! Method will show you how to do that.


With Chord Piano Is Fun! you will learn to read chord charts fast and easily so that you can play popular, rock, jazz, country, or Christian music.   This is “chord piano”.

Once you know chords, and how they go together, you be able to pick something up by ear, and write your own music.  I have taught 7 to 82 year olds how to play chord piano and students as 7 years old have written their own songs with this method.



  •  Someone who has played piano in the past, but wonders, "What have I done with my piano?"  (And this doesn't mean that it's hiding somewhere.)  Maybe you walk by your piano every day and wish you could remember something you learned when you took piano lessons all those years ago.
  •  A current piano student, Chord Piano Is Fun Studentwho wants to learn how to play your favorite popular music, learn to play by ear, learn to write music, or play in a band or on a worship team?
  • Someone who took just a few lessons in the past but didn’t understand it or felt you weren’t any good?
  •  A singer who has ALWAYS wanted to be able to play for yourself while you sing, or even accompany someone else?
  •  A music teacher who is looking for JUST the right method to teach students how to play the popular music they love?
  • A music teacher who WANTS A UNIQUE NICHE that other teachers don't offer (and wait-list a mile long?)
  • A music teacher who wants to learn how to play chord piano?
  •  Someone who can't seem to find a chord piano teacher or just the right course that is easy to follow and doesn't cost a fortune or a lot of wasted time?
  • Someone who has been PRAYING for someone to teach you chord piano??



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Check out some of the testimonials that "Chord Piano Is Fun!" has received!  These include students as well as piano teachers...

"I have to tell you that I have only made it through three lessons so far and I already feel so successful! This is fantastic!"

Portland, Oregon

"Using Chord Piano is Fun! helped me to write a song called “A Chance For Hope”.  I never thought I would be able to write a song.  But, with this book it is so easy to understand chords and how to use them to write songs.  I recommend it to you if you are learning piano!"

Mallory M.
Piano Student, 11 Years Old

"Just wanted to let you know that I got your Chord Piano is Fun! book and, honestly, it's the most comprehensive book I've ever seen on chords, teaching chords, and key signatures. I've tried a few other chord based approaches with students, and there's something missing in all of them.

I like the language you used in your writing. Very practical and down to Earth. Almost anyone would be able to follow your steps and understand the process.  The other thing I really like is all of your charts and visuals. I LOVE the one where you illustrate the key signatures and what sharps are in each one...fantastic!"

Rachel B.
Piano Teacher, Spokane, Washington

Sydney BryantWhen I first began learning to play the piano at age seven, the theory, techniques, and different aspects of music was entirely overwhelming to me, but I was ready to learn nonetheless. With the help of Chord Piano is Fun! I was not only able to understand the concepts of chords and their structure, but also, ironically, have fun while I was doing it!

This book has acted as a catalyst for many of the songs I have written in the past and for the songs I plan to write in the future. The first song I wrote, at the age of 11 years old, with the help of Chord Piano Is Fun! is called "Where Am I Here."  I play this in my sets even today!

Music has always been such a beautiful part of my life, and understanding it in an easier way helped my love for it grow even stronger. I am able to learn songs that I perform in my sets in a quicker, versatile way that gives everything a unique new approach. That is all because of Chord Piano is Fun!

T.K. Goforth does a fantastic job of helping new piano players, as well as seasoned ones, in comprehending some of the more complex aspects of chord playing with an approach that makes everything feel so much more natural. Bravo to her!

Sydney Bryant
Musician, Songwriter, www.sydneybryantmusic.com

Your book is just fantastic.  It’s so much easier to follow and understand than others I have looked at (and I’ve looked at lots).  My daughter and son have taken piano lessons for 12 years and I regret I did not find your book sooner.  I will be ordering a couple more books from your website soon for them.  I always tried to get their teachers to teach them the Chord Approach to playing without success.  I recognized long ago that they would never become Professional Performers and wanted them to use this system so they could have fun with the piano. I’m trying to get them re-started on piano now even though they are adults and believe your book will do the trick.  It is sure helping me.

Thanks again.

John T.
Guyton, Georgia



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What do I get with "Chord Piano Is Fun?"

The Chord Piano Is Fun Method is made up of two parts:  the BOOK, and the
VIDEO MEMBERSHIP(Each of these are sold separately below.)


...is a 204-page 8-1/2" x 11" paperback book that can sit easily on your piano or keyboard.  It is packed full of lots of goodies that you can refer to the rest of your life.  It is also available as a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.

The book offers you:

  • Chord Piano Is Fun Book27 easy-to-follow lessons that will show you how music really WORKS
  • Music writing worksheet, practice tips, and is laid out in such a way that is easy to follow
  • Six bonus Addendums (which are not found in the videos) 
  • Quick reference sheets on how to create all of the scales and their chords, including all Major, Minor, and Blues Scales
  • Instructions on how to practice the Circle of 5ths in both Minor and Major keys
  • A important resource to have alongside the videos

The VIDEOS (in a Video Membership):

...will take you through each of the lessons in the book in visual form.  It is like having a piano teacher right in your home!

The Video Membership offers you:

  • Chord Piano Is Fun VideosUnlimited access to all 27 lessons of the book in video form
  • Advanced training videos to take your skills further
  • Downloadable chord charts that I use in the lessons
  • Additional resources on how to find more music
  • Exclusive access to any additional training videos that I post
  • A necessary tool for visual learners who prefer not to learn through just a book
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What is required for "Chord Piano Is Fun?"

Besides the book and/or video membership, you will need:

  • At least a simple knowledge of the piano keyboard -- you will need to know where Middle C lies on the piano.
  • An understanding of rhythms, including quarter notes, half notes and whole notes. Knowing eighth notes is helpful, too!
  • Regular access to a piano or keyboard so that you can apply your knowledge and practice.
  • For the videos, you will need to have access to a laptop, computer, or mobile device with wi-fi or mobile data.  (They are sold via a Membership, and you will not have access to a cd or dvd.)
  • A credit card or PayPal account (I'm sorry -- I can't take check or cash!)
  • A desire to learn and put some time into honing your craft!
  • The boldness to be creative and to try knew things!

How much does "Chord Piano Is Fun!" cost?

If you purchase both the book and the video membership, you will be paying
less than the cost of two piano lessons!


The 204-PAGE PAPERBACK BOOK costs $19.95.  (Also ships internationally!)


The DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of the book in PDF form is available for $15.95 for those who would rather view the book from their mobile device.  (It is NOT recommended that you purchase the digital download to print it due to it's size.)


The VIDEOS are being offered IN A VIDEO MEMBERSHIP for an introductory price of $34.95  (see link below.)


I want "Chord Piano Is Fun!"

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I offer three ways to purchase the book:

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If you already have the book, you may want to purchase the videos, and if you want to purchase the videos, I highly recommend purchasing the book, as I refer back to it often.

I know you will not be sorry with your purchase.  Please be sure to read the testimonials and let me know if you have any questions.  You can find my contact information HERE.

God bless you as you move forward in your musical journey!




 You can find out more about how I came about writing this piano method by clicking HERE.