This Is My Story

T.K. GoforthHi!  My name is T.K. Goforth!  I am a musician, song-writer, and retired piano teacher.  I’ve traveled the world performing professionally with local bands, big bands and jazz combos in Houston, New Orleans and Seattle and have traveled extensively performing throughout Europe, Africa, the Philippines and stateside.

I am also a professional photographer, product designer, avid gardener, wife and mom, lover of God, and my family is my biggest blessing in the world.

Besides having a passion for music, and specifically music performance, I LOVE teaching others.  To see my students embrace music through the keyboard gives me great satisfaction.

However, through my years of teaching, I saw the need to teach students (both children and adults) how to play piano in a way that they could actually USE through their entire life.  I had many, many students who wanted to play more than classical pieces, and would bring me popular song books which were much more difficult than their learning level.  I also realized that most people who have taken piano lessons forget much of it after lessons are over. You don’t know how many times I have heard, from school-aged students to adults alike,  “Well, I used to play…”


I had sung with big bands and jazz combos for years, and was always so awestruck by the way that they keyboard player could pick up any piece of music, change the key and play it beautifully.  I figured it was a gift.  But, I WANTED IT!

So, I sought out piano teachers in hopes they could teach me.  I would try to explain to them what I wanted to do, and they would just put a hymnal in front of me (which is full of chords).  I knew enough of music that I could eventually "sound out" the chords, but that is not what I meant!

So, I figured I had better do my own research.  And research I did.  I bought a lot of books, found a bunch of videos, and I finally discovered the key.  I found out what I was trying to do was called "chord piano."  I was thrilled!

BUT,  I could not find one on the market that I use to teach my students that went from start to finish in a way that was easy to follow, and easy to teach -- much to my frustration.  So, that set me into action and I wrote “Chord Piano Is Fun!”  As I wrote the book (it took over 4 years) I "practiced" each lesson on my piano students.  Much to my excitement they GOT IT!  They REALLY GOT IT!  After just a few lessons, and when they were far enough into their lesson books where they knew where Middle C was and could play a 5-note scale, they were ready to start writing songs.  And, they did!  You can see some of their compositions HERE.

It took me four years to complete the book, as I was also full-time mom.  Since writing the book, I had been asked if I had videos to go along with each chapter, as it is much easier for some people to follow via a video rather than with just the book.  So, it took another 3 years to complete the videos, have them edited (by my son, by the way!) and now have them available to go along with the book.  I hope you find them of great benefit to you.

Since writing this book, it is so exciting to hear so many students (including people who have taken piano lessons for years) say to me, “I can’t believe I didn’t know this stuff before!  Thank you for Chord Piano Is Fun!"

If you want to be like me and finally learn how to play chord piano, I hope you will take the plunge and purchase Chord Piano Is Fun!  I know you won't regret it, and it may be the answer to your prayers!

Much love,